Mother's Day gift! Matcha set that you want to give to your loved ones – MATCHA HEAVEN
Mother's Day gift! Matcha set that you want to give to your loved ones

Mother's Day gift! Matcha set that you want to give to your loved ones

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Pre-order sales of Mother's Day gifts start!

It's Mother's Day soon. Mother's Day in 2021 is Sunday, May 9th.

To an important person who always gives us unchanging love.

Let's convey the feelings of thinking and thank you for your mother at MATCHA HEAVEN!
An organic 100% matcha set that gives your loved ones a sense of comfort and time.

Matcha has become popular as a healthy food in the United States. It has been attracting attention as a natural supplement in Japan as well. The reason is that matcha is full of nutrients that make women happy. In addition to the typical ingredient "catechin", it contains nutrients such as vitamins C, E, and A that can be expected to have antioxidant effects. And the time to make matcha will be more calm and relaxing, less stress and anxiety. Enjoy a relaxing time with the scent of matcha. Why don't you give your loved ones a relaxing time and a relaxing time?

-Matcha set details-

5/5 (Wednesday) ~ Sequential shipping starts!
4/27 (Tue) -5/5 (Wed) Reservation acceptance period! We will stop accepting reservations as soon as they run out.

Gift Box Contents: Organic Matcha (30g), Matcha Bowl (Diameter 10cm), Chasen (11cm)
Price: 7900 yen (tax included)
Sales method: Sold online

* Matcha set or delivery will start about one week after purchase, so please look forward to your arrival.


The chasen is carefully made one by one by Mr. Tango Tanimura, a chasen master of Wakitado, which has been in business for 500 years. We have carefully selected chasen with pink accents associated with Valentine's Day.


Matcha bowls are all made by hand by craftsmen in Arita porcelain, and the texture is slightly different. This is because the firing conditions change depending on the location in the kiln and the temperature, and various expressions appear. Please look forward to what kind of matcha bowl you will receive.


Care and precautions for use

It is basically possible to use porcelain in a dishwasher and microwave oven, but please do not use it because it is designed with gold.